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What is Bedside Power?

It claims to be a portable charging device that slides under any light or lamp with ease to provide accessible charging to electronic devices at the bedside.

Bedside Power CLAIMS

Charging at bedside – Bedside Power promises to offer a solution for people who are always looking for charging ports at their bedside. The smart, portable battery charger alleges to come with a sleek design that sits discreetly right under the lamp or light. There are currently no reviews available to substantiate its claims.

Mess-free solution – Bedside Power assures that there are no messy wires or tangled cords that require the devices to be placed on the floor. The charger states to offer two high-speed USB power ports that can charge a mobile phone as well as a tablet or other electronic devices simultaneously. More shall be revealed once users review it. Bedside Power asserts to have an ultra-thin pedestal design that becomes a part of the lamp, office desk light, or even under the computer and offers a secure non-slip base to keep them in place. Whether or not Bedside Power really works as good as it claims will be only known once users send us their review for further analysis.

Bedside Power REVIEW

Alonzo Walsh, a Bedside Power customer, states in his review that he found the charger pretty interesting but one of the USB ports on his charger didn’t work. The second port kept connecting and disconnecting several times. He suspects that he might have received a faulty piece and will get a replacement.

Another review by Shari Stevens states that Bedside Power is pretty slow at charging. She suggests users to instead use an outlet to perform charging for better performance and fast charging of the devices.

Another user, Cameron Estrada, warns other users to not drop it accidentally since the slots will get out of place even though the charger kept working. Also, he noticed that at times only one charging port was working.

Amelia Neal, a Bedside Power reviewer, reveals that it is functional only when one device is kept for charging. While charging multiple devices, it goes very slow and really doesn’t have the 2 Amp power that one would expect it to have.

One other review of Bedside Power by Noah Black discloses that the charger is pretty slow and doesn’t have enough power to juice the devices well. The ports are also older and don’t have a 3.0 charger.

Abraham Morton’s review claims that Bedside Power works decently as a charger even though it is slow at times. The problem he faced is that it doesn’t really have a non-slip base since it slides around very easily. It is not sturdy and the bottom popped off after falling down once, although it kept working.

A Bedside Power review by Monica Holloway complains that the charging isn’t strong at all and the device lacks any surge protection. She recommends using it only for phones and not iPads or similar devices since it might take way longer than expected to charge them.

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