Blackhead Vac REVIEW

About Blackhead Vac

Blackhead Vac is a beauty device that promises to exfoliate your skin and pull impurities directly out of your pores safely and gently. Blackhead Vac claims to go in deep to pull out your blackheads, remove acne and eliminate dark spots. It alleges to remove dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of new and healthy skin leaving you with a beautiful glowing appearance.

Blackhead Vac CLAIMS

Blackhead Vac asserts that it is easy to use. Simply press Blackhead Vac lightly over your skin and then pull it away. Blackhead Vac promises to gently clean out blackheads leaving you with cleaner, healthier pores and radiant, smoother looking skin. We wouldn’t believe these claims though till we look at and analyse Blackhead Vac reviews.

Blackhead Vac proclaims that its secret is Micro Focused Extraction Power. By concentrating on very small areas, Blackhead Vac maintains that it maximizes air pressure inside the nozzle and gently coaxes the stubborn residue out of your pores without damaging them. These claims promise to be attractive but can be attested once users review Blackhead Vac.

Blackhead Vac claims to feature 3 levels of suction intensity: low/medium/high and is safe and comfortable for all skin types. Is it really safe and comfortable to use? We have to wait for Blackhead Vac reviews to make up our mind.

Easy to carry – Blackhead Vac states that it cordless, rechargeable and lightweight making it easy to carry wherever you go.

Blackhead Vac REVIEW

Jane Osborne says in her Blackhead Vac review that she is not impressed with the Blackhead Vac.

Nettie Turner writes in her review of the Blackhead Vac- “Don’t waste your money. I actually threw it away. It doesn’t work as advertised”.

Delia Foster who tried the Blackhead Vac is unhappy with it and mentions in her Blackhead Vac review- “It does not work. Do not waste your time and money on this. Really doesn’t work. It just makes little purple dots all over your face that last for at least 4 days. The suction doesn’t pull out your blackheads, it just hurts your skin”.

In her Blackhead Vac review Stacy Alvarado states- “It has suction but it does not perform as they say it does. Don’t waste your money”.

Another user, Barbara Drake complains in her Blackhead Vac review- “This thing is a joke. It gave my face an angry looking purple welt and the blackheads live on. Not sure what they had in mind with this awful thing, but save your money”.

Linda Watkins used the Blackhead Vac and says in her review of it- “Doesn’t do a thing except possibly burst some capillaries from the suction. I thought it would help to remove black head, but it doesn’t work as well as the video shows it working. I tried to do this on myself and it left red spots on my face and I still had black heads”.

Mamie Jordan says in her Blackhead Vac review that the Blackhead Vac has virtually no suction.

In her Blackhead Vac review Diane Mendez mentions- “Good suction, just nothing comes out of my face so it can’t get my blackheads out”.

Felicia Gomez is disappointed with the Blackhead Vac and writes in her review of it- “The suction wasn’t strong enough to even suction small, soft blackheads.”

Marion Watson tried the Blackhead Vac and writes in her review that it gave purple bruises where she used it.

Ida Hughes used the Blackhead Vac and says in her Blackhead Vac review that it does nothing but gives you tiny hickeys everywhere you use it.

Blackhead Vac Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Blackhead Vac leave any temporary marks on skin?
A. No, I followed the instructions and didn’t go over the same spot over and over again. Your skin will be red afterwards but goes away the next day.

Q. Does the Blackhead Vac work on age spots?
A. No

Q. Does this work for acne scars?
A. No

Q. Is the Blackhead Vac comparable to microdermabrasion?
A. No, the Blackhead Vac “sucks” the dirt and grime from the pores, while microdermabrasion scrubs it away at the surface.

Q. Should I use a moisturizing dace mask after using the Blackhead Vac?
A. Of course, after you use the blackhead remover tool clean your face. You can use a moisturizing dace mask moisturizing your face to make your skin more clean and moisturised.

Q. Does the Blackhead Vac have multiple suction heads?
A. No, it has just one suction head.

Q. How do you use the Blackhead Vac?
1. First you need to know how to operate the suction on your hands, and then operate on the face.
2. Use a hot steamer (recommended) or hot towel on your face for 3-5 minutes to open up the pores.
3. Press the power button and choose the intensity of suction. Start with the lowest. Hold and move it back and forth. 1-2 minutes MAX is recommended when you use it for the first time.
4. When you are removing blackheads, do not stay at a place for more than 2 seconds, the whole process is not recommended for more than 5 minutes.

Q. Can you use the Blackhead Vac anywhere on your face?
A. You can use it on your forehead, cheek, chin and nose. The translucent design allows you to see the blackheads, oils and dead skin cells, but it is recommended you follow the user manual. If you feel any discomfort please consult a doctor.

Q. What is the warranty on the Blackhead Vac?
A. No warranty.

Q. Does the Blackhead Vac work?
A. No, it has very little suction.

Our Verdict: Blackhead Vac is a gimmick and does not work as advertised, so what do you do about blackheads, here are some proven methods to remove the blackheads.

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