Cigarette Blow Lighter REVIEW | What they don’t want you to know…

About Cigarette Blow Lighter

The infomercial claims Blow Lighter to be an all new discreet rechargeable lighting device. All you have to do is remove the non-flammable cap and blow on the tip of the Blow Lighter and you have the light. Blow Lighter claims to work anytime, anywhere. It uses state-of-the-art Electric Kindling. Blow Light promises to be windproof as there are no flames, unlike the traditional butane/fuel lighters does not need any refueling. They also claim Blow Lighter to be water-resistant (NOT WATERPROOF).

Cigarette Blow Lighter Review

Ok, so how does the Cigarette Blow Lighter actually work? – the Blow Lighter infomercial claims that it is a “revolutionary” new lighter that world has not seen anything like before. Thats not true, the Cigarette Blow Lighter is nothing unique, it is just a rechargeable tungsten coil lighter and there are tons of them available all over the place. The only unique feature of the Cigarette Blow Lighter is that is is activated by blowing the Tungsten coil at the tip.

Cigarette Blow Lighter is promoted as a CHEAP flameless lighter but it is really CHEAP when it comes to the quality. Tesla Rechargeable Coil Lighters can be called true flameless lighters.

Cigarette Blow Lighter Cons

Cigarette Blow Lighter has lots of disadvantages if you want to use it as a versatile lighter but fewer if it is used just to light a cigarette. Most common complain is that it is under-powered, many customers have complained in their reviews that it is even hard to light a cigarette. It is totally useless when it comes to lighting a candle or kindling a campfire.

Te tungsten coil is really flimsy and easily disintegrates – this is the second most common complaint.

The quality of the Blow Lighter is really mediocre if you drop it – its dead, flimsy.

The tungsten coil of the Blow Lighter is only big enough to light only the half of the cigarette so you its a hassle to light the even a cigarette.

Cigarette Blow Lighter looses its charge pretty soon and needs frequent recharging.

The tungsten coil is so loosely attached and it comes apart very easily. You have to be very careful not touch the cigarette to the coil. Not a sturdy design.

Cigarette Blow Lighter Pros

Cigarette Blow Lighter is really compact and convenient to carry. Good sleek design, fits into the cigarette case. Heats up instantly. Good for those who smoke occasionally. Good for light use. Looks beautiful

Cigarette Blow Lighter Questions and Answers

Q. What is the size of the Blow Lighter?
A. A size of a cigarette.

Q. How do you charge the Cigarette Blow Lighter?
A. Use the USB charger provided.

Q. How long does the Single charge last?
A. Claims to last enough to light 36 cigarettes before needing to recharge, but this claim is not attested by the reviews, may not hold the charge that long.

Q. What other than lighting cigarettes can you use the Blow Lighter for?
A. Lighting candles, sparklers and fireworks, campfire, lanterns, grills.

Q. Can it be charged with the USB in the Car?
A. Yes.

Q. What temperate is the coil when it ignites?
A. 500 Degree Celsius.

Q. How long does it to fully charge?
A. Blow Lighter takes about 2 hours to be fully charged.

Q. How long does the Blow Lighter stay “ignited”?
A. For about 10 seconds than it automatically turns off.

Q. Can the Blow Lighter light a pipe?
A. No. it is hard to even light a cigarette.

Q. Do you touch the cigarette to the tungsten coil?
A. No. Don’t do that, it will damage the coil.

Q. Is Blow Lighter a Tesla Lighter?
A. Nope. It is a Tungsten Coil Lighter.

Q. Is Blow Lighter durable, how long does it last?
A. The Blow Lighter is a cheap Chinese junk. It does not last long. The charging mechanism breaks down in a couple of months and the lighter is no more rechargeable after that.

Q. Do you recommend Cigarette Blow Lighter?
A. Don’t buy it, there are many alternatives available in the market. As mentioned in the reviews above if you want to buy a flameless lighter, spend more money and go for Tesla Arc Lighter.