Clever Clear Eyeglass Cleaner REVIEW

About CleverClear

It is an eyeglass cleaner that claims to remove streaks, fingerprints, smudges, greasy residue and film leaving your glasses crystal clear and streak-free with just a wipe!

CleverClear Eyeglass Cleaner CLAIMS

Clever Clear alleges that every time you slide the arms into the recharging station, electrostatic friction completely recharges the carbon molecules. This claim of the Clever Clear will be attested only once users review Clever Clear. It promises that the carbon embedded microfiber pads lock onto dirt, grime and dust like an unbreakable magnet leaving you with crystal clear lenses. This claim can be proved only after we analyze Clever Clear reviews.

Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner asserts that the contour angle microfiber pads are designed to reach the corners of your lenses and are embedded with super charged carbon that locks onto dirt, grime and dust leaving your glasses squeaky clean. At this point of time there are no Clever Clear reviews to verify this claim.

It further states that its retractable non-abrasive brush removes dust particles, lint and more to avoid scratching. This claim can be proved only after we analyze Clever Clear reviews.

How to use Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner?
1. Use the Non-Abrasive, Retractable Brush to remove dust particles
2. Wipe the lenses with the Contour Angle Microfiber Pads
3. Slide the arms back into the Electrostatic Friction Recharging Station for a renewed cleaning surface every time!

Clever Clear REVIEW

Jacquelyn Hill writes in her review of Clever Clear- “I don’t see the advantage of this over other cleaners, including liquids. It is not effective in cleaning film, such as that caused by a trace of lotion or sunblock”.

Henry Watts says in his Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner review- “It does not seem to work on my glasses well at all. I have better luck with the old microfiber cloth and some cleaner. Looks good on the ads etc. just doesn’t deliver. And for the price, it needs to”.

In her review of Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner Tracy Hampton says that she is obsessed with streaks and specks on her lenses and Clever Clear does not produce a clean lens. She has been trying different degrees of pressure in the hope that perhaps she was using it wrong, but says that if it worked like the manufacturers said, it would be clear that it does work, without training on her part.

Victoria Stephens states in her Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner review – “It falls apart after a few usages. I purchased 3 of these from a different website in the middle of October, but it is the same product. The first one, the pad came off after only a few usages. I worked nicely until it broke”.

Felix Carroll mentions in his review of Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner – “The pads on the arms are already falling off. I’ve used these cleaners maybe 50 times, and I just can’t accept how quickly they start to fall apart. They are great while they last, but they don’t last long”.

Darren Mcguire says in his Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner review that it has severe durability issues. He says when these were brand new, they clean great, better than anything. Problem is, after a week, not as good. After 3 weeks, not very good (they start to smear more), and after a month, the fabric on one of the “cleaning arms” started tearing off. He says the device lasted one month.

Marie Austin writes in her review of Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner – “It smeared whatever was on the lenses making things worse. I wanted to like this thing – it seems a good idea, but it didn’t work for me. I’ll stick with spray and wipes for the time being”.

The customer who purchased the Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner stated in their review that it is easy to use and I watched the video to make sure I was doing it right. Does not get my glasses shining clean as shown in the video. There always seems to be a smudge in the center.

Dawn Dunn a user of Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner reviewed that regardless of the amount of pressure I applied, the pads left smudges on both sides of my lenses. Again, I followed the instructions, breathing warm breaths on the lenses and trying again, but the smudges just kept getting worse and worse.

The other complains include pads coming off just after using clever clear twice or thrice. The plastic tongs underneath scrape the lenses. Also they left streaks and smudges. Clever clear is not good for oily stains as per the reviews. Since lenses are the significant part and keeping it clean for having clear vision is but obvious normal. But products like clever clear can be a waste of money.

Amanda Hanson who used Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner says in her review – “I wouldn’t describe this as a cleaner, clever clear is more of a smear pusher in that it really just pushes smears toward the edge of your lenses. It does require a bit of pressure and effort which I could see causing scratches if there was anything harsh on the lenses.”

Naomi Knight says in her Clever Clean eyeglass cleaner review- “I really don’t know what all the fuss is about this product. The only thing it does with my eyeglasses is spread smudges around the lens. The only way I can get them clean is if I first use a micro fiber cloth to pre-clean the lenses. So what do I need the Peeps for? I can complete the job with the micro fiber cloth”.

Claudia Elliott mentions in her Clever Clean eyeglass cleaner review- “I actually love these. But after getting 1, I bought 2 more. One of them came apart. The covering on the “wiper” has peeled off. For the price, I really think it should have lasted longer. (It happened within a few weeks, I just didn’t get on here soon enough to do anything.). I’d like to return the broken one and get a replacement, but there is no option for that on this odd little purchase”.

Another user, Esther Wells says in her review of Clever Clean- “Disappointing. If they worked, they would be so handy-much easier to carry around than a spray and cloth. Unfortunately, the Peeps don’t work very well at all; they just move smudges around, and I end up having to clean the glasses anyway with a cleaning solution and cloth”.

In his review of Clever Clean, Howard Cain writes- “They work well but not for long. Putting them in/out of the case pulls the little felt tab away. It’s a good idea, but junk”.

Leo Meyer, who used Clever Clean mentions in his review of Clever Clean- “It doesn’t remove facial oils very well. There are not replacement pads. The pads clean themselves when placed back in the device. Although I still use this to clean my glasses, I use lens cleaner as well. Clever Clean works, but not very well. I do think it is still worthwhile”.

Clever Clear Questions and Answers

Q. Does Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner get rid of scratches?
A. It is not intended to remove scratches by what I understand but cleans great.

Q. Does Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner work on plastic lenses??
A. I presume it doesn’t.

Q. Does it clean oily fingerprints or face oil?
A. Yes, it does. Remember to use the brush first/

Q. I wanted it to work, but it only smears.
A. It does smear the lenses when skin oil gets on the lens, especially around the nose piece. I first clean the lens with a lens cloth, then with the Peeps Cleaner. I found the Peeps useful only occasionally, for this reason.

Q. Are there replacement pads?
A. No.

Q. Can I use Clever Clear eyeglass cleaner if my glasses are coated with Crizal?
A. My glasses are also coated with Crizal. I was unable to completely remove skin oil so do not use it anymore. It should be safe though.

Q. Does Clever Clear clean oily fingerprints or face oil?
A. Not that well.

Q: Does Clever Clear Eyeglass Cleaner work well for removing fingerprint smudges?
A: It only smeared anything that got on my lenses.

Q: Can I get replacement pads?
A: Won’t matter, it broke within one day said one of the customer who purchased the product.

Q: Does this only clean glassware? Or will it clean plastic lenses as well?
A: No, it actually scratched a lens.

Q: Does it eliminate scratches?
A: No.

Q: My Optometrist warns me about using certain cleaners because of the coating on the lenses. Is Clever Clear Eyeglass Cleaner safe for lenses with protective coating?
A: The Clever Clear Eyeglass Cleaner just rubs into the lens, it does not wash away dirt/smudges. Not recommended for you.

Q: Will these remove existing scratches on eyeglass lens?
A: No, they won’t.

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