Reviews You Can Trust Cleaning Compare Rotary Washing Lines with Eco Ceiling Airers

Compare Rotary Washing Lines with Eco Ceiling Airers

The Best Rotary Washing Line By Brabantia

This stand earned our top spot because it offers a classic design that works well.

The 4 arms accommodate the laundry of a small to medium family. With the longest lines measuring 295 cm each, you can easily hang 4 double sized sheets on the outer rails.

The Brabantia Lift-O-Matic has a near-to-the-ground loading position with an outside line height of 129 cm. Taller people can increase the height up to 187 cm by making use of the spacers in the product’s ground socket. You also get clear instructions to securely fix the ground socket in place and also how to move it to a new place.

You need about 4 m of turning space to operate this rotary line and allow air to circulate and dry the laundry. Once you are ready to hang clothing, the arms are effortless to raise into their upward position. The self-withdrawing line retainer wraps up the arms when collapsed and protects them for future use.


Drying Space: 60m

Number Of lines: 11 lines per side for more drying space

Height: 78″ (200 cm) when fully extended

Warranty: 5 years



  • The rotary line is very durable.
  • The ground socket is included.
  • Arrives pre-strung for easy installation
  • Has multiple ratchets on the pole to lock the unit. So you can stop at the first ratchet, reposition to wherever you’re more comfortable, and push it to the top.
  • Can be adjusted for height so you can dry longer sheets duvets etc
  • Perfect for airing large bedding items, pillows and cushions
  • Comes with smoothly turning arms, to dry your laundry easier and faster.
  • The lines stay taut
  • Adjustable from 129 cm up to 187 cm, which means you can get it to glide to different heights with barely any effort (at 5’1″ this is the major plus for me!!)
  • Comes complete with a nylon PVC cover with a zip up side


  • Cannot be used in a very tiny space.
  • Not really suitable for families consisting of more than 3 people
  • The centre post isn’t sturdy enough. Maybe some wedging or an additional support could make it a touch sturdier
  • Some users also complained that the lines tend to become loose after getting tangled in strong gusts of wind.


The Best Traditional Kitchen Maid Pulley Clothes Airer

The Kitchen Maid Ceiling Mounted Pulley Clothes Airer is an example of a ceiling airer that has Been A Favourite Uk Style Of Clothes Airer For Decades, As It Offers One Of The Most Economical Methods Of Drying Your Washing And Laundry Available Today.

Once Installed To Your Ceiling, Its Simply A Matter Of Loading Up Your Airer With A Full Load Of Washing And Hoisting It Up To The Ceiling Where The Warm Air Of Your Home Will Dry Your Clothes Free Of Charge Overnight Or Throughout The Day.


-Length Options:0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m. 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m
-Unit Width:38cm
-Number of Laths:4
-Hoisted Height from Ceiling:22cm
-Guarantee:5 Years
-Suits :1 – 2 People



Available In A Range Of Lengths And With All Cast Iron Parts Powder Coated In A Range Colours To Suit Any Home Or DÉCor,
These Airers Are Built Tough And Strong To Last A Lifetime.
These Ceiling Mounted Airers Are Guaranteed A British Made Product,
Using British Iron Produced In Uk Foundries And Wood From Renewable Sustainable Forests.
All Kitchen Maid Airers Come Ready To Fit, With All Ceiling Fixing, Rope And Pulleys You Require.


Some customers have struggled with the setup
Not suitable for large families although larger ceiling airers are available

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