Handy Lux Lights by Thane

About Thane Handy Lux

Handy Lux are cordless LED lights to be used all over your house, indoors and outdoors and in all those dim lit tight spaces. Handy Lux lights are battery operated. Use the Handy Lux lights in the walking closet, attic, staircases, garage, camping and all other unlit corners of your house. Just pull the hanging Handy Lux to switch it on. The lights are safe to touch even after prolonged use.

Handy Lux REVIEW

Q. If cordless, how is Handy Lux Colors powered?
A. Handy Lux LED lights are powered by 3 AAA batteries.

Q. Is this a good buy?
A. It depends on your needs, Handy Lux comes in handy when you want an area to be lit for a short time like attics and closets. Don’t use these lights for prolonged periods, they are battery eaters. You may need more than one bulb to lit the area to your liking. Not worth.

Q. What is the material?
A. Polypropylene

Q. What are the advantages of Handy Lux led lights?
A. They are cordless, portable, easy to install, decorative led lights.

Q. What is the color of the light? I mean does the magenta color light trow magenta light?
A. No, it is only the external color that varies. The color of the light is bright white.

Q. Can I use Handy Lux as a ceiling light?
A. No, these are not very bright to be used for ceiling and also you will have issues reaching up to them to turn them on.

Q. What are the disadvantages of the Handy Lux light?
A. Handy Lux reviews mention that these led lights don’t throw much light and do not have much practical applications other than a closet light. It may be a good toy for kids to put up in their tents though. The another issue with the Handy Lux could be the battery compartment, you may need to unscrew the cover to replace the batteries, which could be too much of a hassle as the screws are too small and you have to fiddle a lot. Many users find the Handy Lux florescent light annoying.

Q. Are there any cheaper led lights like the Handy Lux out there?
A. Yes, there are many available on Amazon. The Handy Lux offer is too costly. You cannot buy a single bulb. You have to buy a set of 4 which costs around 46 bucks, that’s too much of money for these “toy bulbs”. There are similar led bulbs on Amazon which you can buy under 10 bucks.

Q. Do you recommend Handy Lux led bulbs?
A. Nope, not with this price tag.

Handy Lux Verdict

These LED lights are nothing new, there are tons of these available out there. We suggest buying tried and tested led light. Motion activated LED strips are far better alternative to the Handy Lux lights, they are bright multiple led lights. OXYLED is one such example of motion activated led light strips, they are tried and tested and have a 4 star rating on Amazon, they have around 2500 reviews. You might want to check them out before making your purchase.

What do I get?
4 pack with Yellow, Orange, Magenta, and Green Handy Lux LED Lights for £39.99 + £5.99 P&P at the Official website: HandyLuxColors.ThaneDirect.co.uk