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About Hurricane In And Out Mop

Hurricane In And Out Mop proclaims to be an incredible mopping system that not only does the cleaning quickly but also helps wring and dry it for reuse without ever touching it.

Hurricane In And Out Mop CLAIMS

The mop head of Hurricane In And Out Mop alleges to be made using microfiber pad that can pick up toughest of stains and messes with ease. Once done, the mop head is to be pushed in and out of the washer side to clean it first. Later, it states to push the head in the dryer side to dry it in no time.

Innovative Bucket – The easy-to-clean mopping system, Hurricane In And Out Mop’s success is asserted to be its dual-chamber bucket design that provides both, washing and drying sections. Does it really get clean once you plunge it in? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Easy Maneuver – The mop promises to work on all types of floor including tiles and polished wood. More shall be revealed once users review it. Another advantage, Hurricane In And Out Mop claims is its swiveling, pivoting design that can get into difficult areas as well. Currently, there is no proof of Hurricane In And Out Mop’s effectiveness due to lack of user reviews.

Hurricane In And Out Mop Review

A customer, Melissa Roy asserts in her review that Hurricane In And Out Mop’s handle doesn’t lock into its place.

This makes it difficult to maneuver it and even clean it in the bucket system. She had to use duct tape to keep the rod still in one place.

Bob Carter, a Hurricane In And Out Mop reviewer, reveals that the handle doesn’t swivel well for easy maneuvering.
The two sections of the mop don’t stay together and require constant screwing to keep it tight.

A Hurricane In And Out Mop review by James Mitchell states that the wringer on the bucket system isn’t sturdy and fails to work well. He ended up using a pair of gloves to wring the mop by hand. His Hurricane In And Out Mop review also complains that the mop is pretty thin and makes the plastic holding the cloth interfere while cleaning the floor. Overall, he isn’t very happy with this cleaning system.

Pam Abbot is another reviewer who also exposes the handle issue of Hurricane In And Out Mop. As per her, the handle doesn’t stay locked and extended and requires some taping to keep it together. She calls it a flimsily built mop that folds up under pressure.

According to Kurt Knight’s review, Hurricane In And Out Mop is awkward to use and the overall build design of the system is cheap. His problem was with the poor folding action that didn’t keep the mop head in place while folding it and squeezing out the water for reuse.

Marco Perry applauds the concept behind Hurricane In And Out Mop in his review but says that it could do better if the handle didn’t keep collapsing. He also felt that the body is cheaply built, the bucket is lighter, and its mop head’s quality is poor.

One other review of Hurricane In And Out Mop by Violet Shelton rips it off as a waste of money since it broke after few uses. Even when it was functioning, she wasn’t able to wring it easily and had issues cleaning with it. She also asserts that the microfiber head is only good as a dust mop.

Hurricane In And Out Mop Questions and Answers

Q. Will Hurricane In And Out Mop work on laminate or Pergo floors?
A. Yes.

Q. Does it require pre-sweeping with a broom or a dry mop?
A. It is recommended to use Hurricane In and Out Mop after sweeping the floor off with a broom to get loose dirt and pet hair.

Q. Is Hurricane In And Out Mop’s microfiber head machine washable?
A. Yes.

Q. Is the bucket stable enough while plunging Hurricane In And Out Mop vigorously to wash and dry it thoroughly?
A. It stays stable; the problem with the system is that the mop sometimes requires manual assist to turn the mop head for plunging it into the bucket.

Q. Will Hurricane In And Out Mop work on wood flooring?
A. It claims to be good for cleaning all types of floors including tiles and wood flooring. There are some users, though, who aren’t satisfied with its ability to clean laminate floors. Homes with pets can lead to hair and dirt sticking to the mop head even after washing it well.

Q. Does Hurricane In And Out Mop wring the mop thoroughly so that it doesn’t drip?
A. Not really, it does dry it to a certain extent but will require some wringing by hand to avoid dripping. The plastic wringer isn’t effective at squeezing the mop completely even after a lot of pressure is applied while plunging it.

Q. Is the handle on Hurricane In And Out Mop sturdy enough to wash the walls? The new handle set is a A. flimsier than older systems and breaks easily.

What do I get?

  • 2 Hurricane In And Out Mops
  • 2 Microfiber Mop Heads
  • 2 Scrubber Pads
  • 2 Buckets

Price: $80 | Official website: