LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

Compare what is it? LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

All four tablets, LeapPad UltimateLeapFrog EpicLeapPad Platinum, and Ultra XDI, are kid-safe, kid-tough tablets that are designed specifically for children between the age 3 to 9 years. Each of them has unique kid-friendly content that is curated by experts in the domain. They have high-resolution touch screens that offer an intuitive user interface for accessing pre-loaded apps, games, and award-winning, educator-approved web-content.

LeapPad Platinum and Ultra XDI have a multi-touch capacitive 7” touch screen with a powerful processor and a unique design.

Compare what does it teach?

LeapPad Ultimate – This tablet comprises of lessons that help in preparing children for preschool and beyond with loads of learning. Few areas that it covers in learning are Coding, Reading Comprehension, Mathematical Reasoning, Creative Expression, Music & Rhythm, Spelling, Life Science, Counting, Visual Puzzles, and Environmental Science.

LeapFrog Epic – It comprises of numerous web-content access that helps children to learn and gain knowledge in an entertaining way. It has provision to create up to 3 profiles and has best-in-class parental controls. The Just for Me Learning technology personalizes selected games that challenge the kids and help them grow.

LeapPad Platinum – It offers an access to 1000+ games, apps, and more content that are educator-approved. It draws skills from a curriculum comprising of 2600 skills that include core subjects such as reading, science, maths, and creativity.

Ultra XDI – This tablet is also set up to provide a library of games and apps that seamlessly blend with age-appropriate topics and learning material approved by educators so children can grow while having fun.

Compare Pre-loaded Content

LeapPad Ultimate and LeapPad Platinum have preloaded content that features core skills such as reading, science, and mathematics along with music, puzzles, creativity, and logic that helps children prepare for preschools and beyond.

LeapPad Ultimate comes with $110 worth of learning games, apps, and videos to play right away.

LeapFrog Epic comes with preloaded web pages that ensure that children are surfing and learning within safe walls.

Ultra XDI comes with 5 pre-installed and 11 pre-loaded apps for offline learning.

Does it take pictures and videos

LeapPad UltimateLeapFrog EpicLeapPad Platinum, and Ultra XDI, all four tablets have the ability to take pictures and videos.

Does this have a slot for cartridges?

LeapPad UltimateLeapPad Platinum, and Ultra XDI have a slot to accommodate cartridges.

LeapFrog Epic isn’t compatible with cartridges.

How many users can it support?

LeapPad Ultimate and LeapFrog Epic have the ability to create up to 5 profiles per LeapFrog Academy account. Each kid can have their own customized avatar and a separate tracking of their own Learning Adventure progress and rewards.

Is it a Touch Screen?

Yes, all four of them are touchscreen tablets.

Is it wi-fi enabled?

They all feature Wi-Fi connectivity that helps connects the children to secure content and websites.

LeapFrog Epic uses Wi-Fi to download apps and once downloaded, they would work fine in an offline mode.

Does it play offline?

All these tablets, LeapPad UltimateLeapFrog EpicLeapPad Platinum, and Ultra XDI have the ability to work offline.

Compare Parental Controls: LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

They all feature parental controls.

LeapFrog Epic though boasts of best-in-class controls. It gives the parents the ability to manage what, when, and how long each child plays for all the three profiles. A timer can be set for each type of learning app and selected videos.

Compare Built: LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

Both the tablets, LeapPad Ultimate and LeapFrog Epic feature a built-in bumper that ensures durability of the tablet even after rough use by children.

LeapPad Platinum also has a bumper design and a protective guard that makes it the toughest LeapPad to date.

Ultra XDI promises of a kid-tough design with a reinforced frame that has the shock-absorbing bumper and a protective screen. The tablet is quality-tested for safety by drop, impact, and compression testing it rigorously to ensure the safety of the child and durability of the tablet.

Compare Screen: LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

All four LeapPad UltimateLeapFrog EpicLeapPad Platinum, and Ultra XDI have 7” high-resolution screens. The LeapPad Ultimate and LeapFrog Epic have shatter-resistance multi-touch capacitive screen while the LeapPad Platinum comes with a capacitive screen.

Compare Resolution

They all have a 1024 x 600 screen resolution.

Compare Battery: LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

All the four tablets, LeapPad UltimateLeapFrog EpicLeapPad Platinum, and Ultra XDI have built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The LeapPad Platinum has a high capacity of 3420 mAh for extended entertainment on a single charge.

Compare Battery-life: LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

The LeapPad Ultimate and LeapPad Platinum feature a battery life of 5+ hours while the LeapFrog Epic and Ultra XDI’s batteries can last for up to 6+ hours.

Compare Browser: LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

LeapPad UltimateLeapFrog EpicLeapPad Platinum, and Ultra XDI, all come with a kid-friendly LeapSearch browser powered by Zui that offers access only to preloaded, kid-safe web content. Parents have the ability to add websites for school or discovered easily and unlock the full web browser as the children grow older. It offers information about recurrent kid-favorite terms such as dinosaurs, robots, and more.

Compare Processor: LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

LeapPad Ultimate and LeapFrog Epic offer quick processing with the help of its powerful quad-core processors.

LeapPad Platinum also features a fast and powerful processor for running the apps and games smoothly.

Compare Processor Speed

LeapPad Ultimate: 1 GHz

LeapPad Platinum : 1 GHz

LeapFrog Epic : 1.3 GHz

Ultra XDI: 800MHz

Compare Operating System

LeapPad Ultimate features a Brio OS while LeapFrog Epic and LeapPad Platinum both have an Android-based OS. The Ultra XDI too has a Proprietary OS that makes the interface easier for children to use.

Compare Camera

All these tablets have a 2 MP camera on the front and back.

Compare Dimensions (W x H x D): LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

LeapPad Ultimate: 9.06 x 5.88 x 1

LeapFrog Epic: 10 x 7.3 x 3.5

LeapPad Platinum: 9.06 x 5.88 x 1

Ultra XDI: 9.05 x 6.1 x .92

Compare Recommended age range

These tablets are built for children in the age range of 3 to 9 years.

Compare Price: LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

LeapPad Ultimate: $99.99

LeapFrog Epic: $139.99

LeapPad Platinum: $252.37

Ultra XDI: $139.99

Compare Warranty: LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

LeapPad Ultimate and LeapFrog Epic come with 2-year warranty while LeapPad Platinum and Ultra XDI has a 1-year limited warranty.

Compare Reviews, Pros and Cons: LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapFrog Epic vs LeapPad Platinum vs Ultra XDI

LeapPad Ultimate Pros

Children between the age of 3 to 8 years can enjoy top-class content in subject matters such as math and science using LeapPad Ultimate. There are loads of preloaded apps that are educator-approved for children to learn and grow. The battery life is also decent and works well for keeping the children engaged during road trips without needing a recharge.

LeapPad Ultimate Cons

LeapPad Ultimate is not worth the money since it doesn’t have a lot of games on it and also the build quality isn’t that great. Its screen cracks very easily and the rubber tip of the stylus breaks very easily, exposing a harmful metal piece. The tablet failed to charge properly and the processor performance is highly poor. It took a lot of time to turn on and slows down easily. Also, LeapPad Ultimate requires names of children and their ages along with parent’s name, email, and birthdate information, which is highly irrelevant for a kid’s tablet. The speaker on the tablet isn’t that powerful and the physical buttons to control the volume are pretty flimsy and difficult to use. The purchasing of apps is more of less required after a point since there is very little pre-installed content provided out of the box. It makes it all the more expensive than the price that it comes for.

LeapFrog Epic Pros

This tablet is good for children’s use and has a thoughtful design that fits in their tiny hands perfectly. It seems to be highly durable and is perfect for use while traveling since it can even function in an offline mode. It does offer a lot many educational videos and a good set of pre-installed apps. The graphics are also decent and has good parental control over the usage of apps and accessing the web. It offers the option to have multiple customizable accounts for different kids. The camera also is pretty decent for little kids to take pictures and videos on their own. Overall, it has a decent design, a basic camera, and a tethered stylus that offers easy use at a decent price.

LeapFrog Epic Cons

LeapFrog Epic stopped working for less than a month and stopped charging with any charger after. The games and apps are not really abundant when it comes to 3-year-old kids. There are many limitations on the tablet and lacks a flash player that shuns the possibility of playing many videos on the internet. LeapFrog Epic’s quality is also pretty poor and breaks easily. The screen generates a crack very easily and such a damage is not covered under their warranty. The apps are not only limited but also highly expensive. Also, downloaded content on the tablet requires a Wi-Fi to play every single time and nullifies the need to purchase it in the first place. There is lack of troubleshooting options for parents. The quality of the graphics is not that great and there is a large gap between the edge of the screen and case. This gap starts to gather dust, dirt, and even crumbs if the children are using the tablet while eating that can stop the screen from working. The processor is not as fast as expected since it starts to freeze up at times when some heavy-duty apps are running in the background. Sadly the SD card support is only for storing data and not uploading anything else. The rubber padding is decent but attracts a lot of loose hair that requires constant cleaning up.

LeapPad Platinum Pros

This tablet features good parental controls that ensure that kids stay away from the unwanted content or don’t accidentally buy things. It comes with a slot to connect cartridges for playing games in the offline mode. The content is highly educational for kids to learn and grow. The search browser is also good for customizing what needs to be seen by kids. The camera and video features along with the interactive games and apps are perfect the children to have hours of learning and fun. It provides parents with a certain amount of peace of mind since kids cannot perform calls or SMS that other tablets will provide them the access with. The tablet offers an internal 8 GB storage that is large enough to download games and store picture and videos.

LeapPad Platinum Cons

LeapPad Platinum freezes pretty easily and the display screen doesn’t really offer any prompt touch response for an impatient toddler. The stylus though is great comes with a cheap material that can be easily chewed off by kids. The result is a metal end poking out of it that can be harmful to kids and end up scratching the surface of the tablet. The screen isn’t of a very high-resolution and the graphics look pretty outdated. The software does not really have a multi-touch support although the tablet has been promoted to a multi-touch device. Also the stylus feature functions well only for selected LeapPad apps. LeapPad Platinum doesn’t allow access to any popular apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime that also feature a multitude of kid content and cartoons. The limited access handicaps the parents into purchasing almost everything that is not provided on the tablet.

Ultra XDI Pros

Ultra XDI’s display is pretty bright, crisp, and offers visuals from a variety of angles. The sound is also decent for a kids tablet to make the video and game content enjoyable. The touchscreen has a good response time and the attached stylus works perfectly in sync with the screen. This tablet doesn’t require any sort of monitoring over the kids or supervising them whenever they use it. It features only kid-friendly content and doesn’t allow access to anything that might be not suitable for them. Also, the built-in LeapSearch browser provides access to only branded portals and sites that allowed using the parental controls. Ultra XDI has a highly rugged body that has the durability to withstand a child’s use. The easy and fun interface offers children a chance to explore and learn the apps on their own. The apps are pretty well-designed and worth the money since kids can learn a lot from it. The battery life of Ultra XDI is also stated to be decent and lasts for a good amount of time. The tablet has apps that talk to the kids and provide instructions to them for performing various tasks and learn in a playful way. Parents can definitely use the control area to decide what the kids can watch or play and even regulate the time for each of them. There is a slot for attaching cartridges or download games from their app store. Although the apps and games might be a little costly, the quality of the content makes it worth the price.

Ultra XDI Cons

Ultra XDI is not a tablet for very young kids since its screen breaks very easily. The tablet only features 4 apps that are pre-installed and there is nothing else that comes out of the box. Everything else is to be downloaded and charged extra. This increases the cost per tablet since most content is to be purchased separately. Another problem that is prevalent about Ultra XDI is the fact that each app or games that are downloadable or come in cartridge form are not cheap and are in the range of 15 to 20 dollars each. If kids start getting a hang of it and love the content, it is difficult to say no for additional content that ends up costing a lot. It does need a strong Wi-Fi connectivity to function smoothly. Ultra XDI is built sturdily but can be a little heavy for younger kids. There are some useless apps installed such as a calculator, stopwatch, calendar, and a notepad that could be easily substituted with some quality learning apps that it boasts so much about.