Liner Ready Semi Permanent Eyeliner REVIEW

About Liner Ready

Liner Ready is a semi-permanent eye liner that promises to color deeper into your skin like a tattoo and lasts up to 5 days. Liner Ready maintains that it can be applied effortlessly and fast. Liner Ready alleges that its coloring permeates into the outer layer of the skin for long lasting color. This claim can be proved only after we analyse Liner Ready reviews.

Liner Ready CLAIMS

Its secret is its unique formula of black walnut shell extract and Philodendron bark emphasizes to have excellent and long lasting coloring effects but will not damage your skin. This claim seems to be too far-fetched and will be confirmed only after Liner Ready is reviewed.

The special felt tip applicator pen design makes the Liner Ready easy to use. It guarantees to dry instantly and not smudge, run, or drip. Does it sound too good to be true? Liner Ready reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Won’t Wash or Rinse Off – Liner Ready won’t wash or rinse off – it just wipes away with just a little eye makeup remover! This claim of Liner Ready will be attested only once users review Liner Ready.

Two colors : Liner Ready is available in two colors: black and brown.

Liner Ready REVIEW

Bessie Stewart writes in her review of Liner Ready- “The liner pencil does not work as well as the liquid liner. The liner is dry and hard to get flowing to make a consistent line on the eye lid”.

Margaret Hunt says in her Liner Ready review- “There are so many branded Ink Pen Eyeliners available all over, why would I buy this “as seen on TV” product. The pen-style applicator really never had a good amount of eyeliner ink to make a good mark. I found myself trying to apply and apply and apply layers to get the look I wanted. The tip was inflexible and did not help to make a good cat-eye. I frequently found myself creating such opposite looks on either side that I’d wipe away one side to favor the other side’s look or just get so frustrated I would wipe away all progress. I’m very experienced with many types of eyeliner and found this one’s main flaw to be the frustration it caused. After almost a week I stopped using the Liner Ready altogether. It sits unused and lonely in my drawer. I would throw it away, but makeup is expensive and I fear I’ll second guess my abilities and attempt the challenge again in the future. It was not dark enough, and it wasn’t easy to apply. When I tried to apply the eyeliner to my eye look, it sort of just smudged the eye shadow off my eyelid and had it on the side. It worked fine when applying to clean skin, but failed miserably when paired with eye shadow. The black was not nearly black enough for a soul as dark as mine, and the Liner Ready was just not a win for me. It also doesn’t stay on very long, and if you forget to use primer, or have an oily face, expect so icky transfer”.

Eunice Gross mentions in her review of Liner Ready- “I know it does not claim to be waterproof- but even without water, I find that this gave me dark smudgy under-eye circles”.

Another user Evelyn Hunter states in her Liner Ready review that it did not work for her. She ended up with dark spots in various places on her eye area. She regularly uses another liquid eye liner from Maybelline and it works great. Somehow, she just couldn’t seem to master the Liner Ready.

In her review of Liner Ready, Teresa Wagner mentions- “I really wanted to like this eyeliner, but I ended up just throwing it away. It showed up way lighter than I liked and it was difficult to draw a straight line. There are better options out there.”

Cynthia Sullivan complains in her Liner Ready review- “After just wearing it for an hour, the dramatic black of the eyeliner faded so I had to reapply. I know this doesn’t advertise to be waterproof so when my eyes tear up from outdoor allergies I would accept a little smudging but even on the days when I don’t tear up, the eyeliner is smeared and I’m looking like a raccoon. So the search for a good black liquid eyeliner continues”.

Sadie Hubbard is unhappy with the Liner Ready and says in her review of the Liner Ready – “I wanted to try it, as it’s a fraction of the cost that I normally pay. You get what you pay for. I wasn’t happy with this at all. It doesn’t stay on and it instantly seems as if it’s drying out. Don’t waste your money”.

Erma Smith claims in her review of the Liner Ready that it seems okay, easy to apply, and the color is dark and good. The only thing she did not like is that it doesn’t go off easily with just using face wash. It spread all over the eyes when washed and she had to use makeup remover to remove it off completely. She was using L’Oreal earlier and that was extremely easy to remove only with face wash at the end of the day.

In her review of the Liner Ready, Estelle Keller complains- “It did not go on smoothly at all! The description says it does not skip, but it did for me. Also, the very tip of the liner does not hold makeup. You have to hold it horizontally and use the whole side of the pen to get it to go on properly. Also, the pen tends to fray, and little strings have to be cut off every few days to keep it from making extra messy lines when applying. Once this one is empty, I won’t be buying another”.

Heather Gibson, another person who tried the Liner Ready says in her Liner Ready review- “I bought this because it is cheaper everyday eyeliner compared to what I normally use. This does the job to an extent but you definitely have to reapply even if you’re using a setting spray. I ended up going back to/sticking with my more expensive (but worth it) Stila eyeliner.”

Joy Palmer is disappointed with the Liner Ready and mentions in her review of it- “I found that this liner skips when applying it. I found it almost impossible to get a perfect straight line without having to go back and correct the line. It also seems incredibly watery. Back to the Stila Stay all day felt tip liner pen”.

Jessica Harmon says in her review of the Liner Ready that the Liner Ready was okay at first but the formula is streaky, it smudges easy and the pen dried out within a month of infrequent use.

Rosa Mcgee writes in her Liner Ready review- “I gave this a try because I didn’t want to pay $22 for Stila – that was a mistake. The liner goes on nice and dark enough, but by the afternoon, the lines had transferred to my upper eyelids and smeared around the corners of my eyes. I use eye makeup primer and pressed powder on my lids, so I’m not sure how else I could have prevented this. I’ll be going back to Stila”.

Liner Ready Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Liner Ready crack?
A. Yes, some customers have reported, please check the reviews.

Q. Is it water proof?
A. They claim so, but the claim is not attested by any user reviews.

Q. How long does the tube last?
A. It last for a maximum of 4 months. Just keep the lid on it and store it upside down.

Q. How long does the application last?
A. They say 5 days.

Q. Is the Liner Ready good for beginners?
A. Probably not, it’s only good for the top of your eyelid and not the bottom water line. Plus, it’s very noticeable if your line isn’t straight or your wingtips are uneven.

Q. How long does the Liner Ready last in water?
A. Not very long, it comes off pretty easy.

Q. What is the tip of the Liner Ready like?
A. Flexible marker top

Q. Will the Liner Ready work for body art?
A. No, it won’t. This is perfectly designed for the eyes.

Q. Is the tip hard and does it deposit product?
A. Yes the tip is hard and deposits the product! It’s like a very hard spongy feel to it.

Q. How many uses until the Liner Ready runs out?
A. 3 to 4 months if you apply it 4 to 5 times a week.

Q. Would the Liner Ready smudge on hot weather?
A. Yes

Q. How long does the Liner Ready take to dry?
A. It dries in less than 30 seconds. I have droopy eyelids, so I have to raise my eyebrows while it dries to keep my eyelids from touching the eyeliner.

Q. Does the tube needs to be squeezed to make the liner liquid come out or is it free flowing?
A. It flows freely as you apply the liner.

What do I get?
2 Liner Ready Semi-Permanent Tattoo Eyeliner in Brown or Black for $14.99 plus $4.99 p&h at the Official Website: | Order the Liner Ready today!