Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro REVIEW

About Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro

It is a indoor, portable, cordless, battery-operated, personal evaporator cooler. The promoters of the Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro claim that it provides cool moist breeze through water evaporation and is ideal for cooling small places like work-desk, bed, sofa, dinning table and more. Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro claims to have very low energy consumption and unlike traditional air conditioners does not have an adverse effect on your electricity bills.


How does Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro work?

To put it in a non-technical way, the work principle of Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro is similar to the refreshing breeze flowing near a waterfall. Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro (and all air coolers for that matter) use the natural water evaporation phenomenon to produce cool breeze. It sucks in hot air from the surrounding area which passes through wet honeycomb cooling filter, the air looses its “heat” when it passes through the filters and naturally “cools down”. They a fan pushes this cool air out of the cooler from the front.

Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro FAQs

Q. Does Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro use compressor?
A. Nope. It does not have to.

Q. Is Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro a Air Conditioner?
A. No. Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro is a “Swamp Cooler” or a “Spot Cooler”. Air Conditioners use chemical refrigerants that convert hot air into cool air.

Q. How is it cost-friendly unlike air conditioners?
A. Air conditioners use Compressors which consumes a lot of power. The only power consuming thing in the Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro is the fan.

Q. Does it have odor?
A. Oh yes muddy water smell, the filtration medium does have some odor but it fades away even after a little use.

Q. Is it an alternative to Air Conditioner?
A. No. Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro (and any other Spot Cooler) cannot replace an air conditioner.

Q. How much reduction in the temperature should you expect?
A. Not more than 4 to 5 degrees.

Q. How often do you have to refill it?
A. If you are running it all through the daylight hours you will have to refill it at-least twice.

Q. Which is the ideal place to keep the Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro?
A. Keep it near a open window.

Q. Can you use it along with the Central A/c?
A. You wouldn’t need this then.

Q. Is there any warranty?
A. Sorry please ask the manufacturer

Q. Can I add ice to it?
A. Yes, but cubes only.

Q. Can you replace the filter and how often do you need to replace them?
A. Search for “evaporative cooler filter pads” on or HomeDepot. You need to determine the size of the filter first. Please check with the manufacturer when you should be changing the filter pads.

Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro CONS

Many customers are not satisfied with the Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro because they are mislead into believing that this “spot cooler” is an alternative to the air conditioning unit. Many users complain that it only increases the humidity far more than reducing the temperature, even after adding ice. Also, whatever cooling effect it produces after adding the ice, is short-lived, the ice melts quickly (in 30 mins or so) and the air coming out of the cooler is no more cool. Many people think it is just an expensive fan!!

You will get cool air from the Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro as long as the temperature of the water in the reservoir is lesser but because the water basin is not insulated, the water quickly gains temperature from the hotter surrounding and will no longer blow cooler air.

Also the Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro is big in size and older people may find it difficult to move from one place to another.

Many users it is very noisy.

Not at all effective if you are expecting to cool big area.

Makes the air “muggy” than cooler.

Some users find it a lot of hassle to keep topping up the water tank.

Many users are of the opinion that the Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro is effective in only those areas where the humidity level is low.

The water tank can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The air from the Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro smells like “dirty aquarium”.

Not suited for wet and cold places.

One user suggested to keep one of the windows slightly open if you are using the Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro in the night, this will help lower the humidity.

The water in the reservoir gets stinky after a few days. So you may want to drain the old water from the reservoir.

Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro PROS

It is ideal for a single person living in a small apartment.
Works well in arid/dry areas.
Makes it bearable when you have the air blowing directly towards you.
Works well when used in small rooms with a window open, it works well in a cross-ventilated area.

Our Verdict

Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro is nothing new, they are simply trying to portray a simple ordinary personal evaporative cooler to be an magic gadget that will transform hot air into an air conditioner like air – that’s not going to happen. There are many of these personal “swamp coolers” available in the market, but all of their usefulness is limited given their working principle. All such personal coolers are expensive priced at around 200 bucks. It at all you want to buy one, we would suggest buying the much branded cooler – Honeywell CS10XE Portable Evaporative Air Cooler, which is available at A simple search for “personal evaporative cooler” will show you the complete list.

Where to buy the Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro?